Original Graphic Novels


An original graphic novel is a bit like a long-form comic book. Some people apply the term “graphic novel” to collections of several issues of a serialized comic, but there’s a difference between that and a story written to be its own long-form piece.

So far, I’ve written two original graphic novels. The first was for Vertigo, the mature readers imprint of DC Comics…specifically for their Vertigo Crime line. It’s called Area 10, and features stunning black and white art by Chris Samnee, who has quickly become one of the most respected artists in comics. (And is a terrific guy, to boot!) It’s a crime/noir thriller with supernatural overtones, about a homicide detective pursuing a serial killer who sustains a brain injury that may have given him a form of enhanced perception…or he might just be going insane. Some people I respect a lot were kind enough to say very nice things about this book:

“A gripping, fast-paced thriller…a new breed of graphic crime novel with a staggering climax.” – Nicholas Pileggi, author of Goodfellas

“Mind blowing! Eye opening! Okay, enough with the metaphors, it’s just really, really cool!” – Max Brooks, author of World War Z

“A moody, compelling thriller superbly told.  Area 10 is a breakneck ride. Time after time, I thought I had it figured out, then got thrown at the next bend of the road.” – Mike Carey, The Unwritten

“An exquisitely creepy crime story loaded with twists. Gage and Samnee make one hell of a team. Thanks to them I’ll forever be uncomfortable around power drills.” – Jason Aaron, Scalped


My second OGN, Sunset, is also in the crime/noir genre, but without the supernatural overtones. It’s about a Vegas mob legbreaker who pulled off a big heist thirty years ago and has lived quietly ever since, but now his past has come back with a vengeance. The art is by the wonderful Jorge Lucas, and it’s published by the Minotaur Press imprint of Top Cow.


I’m currently working on another OGN, this one with my wife Ruth, for Oni Press. Titled The Lion Of Rora, it’s a historical epic in the vein of Braveheart, based on the true story of Ruth’s ancestors, the Waldensians. More on that soon!