So, yeah, my site has been down for…oh, a couple years, at least. This is my attempt to get it up and running again! Please bear with me as I figure it out while also trying to keep up with my actual job. I’ll be adding posts that cover things I’ve done in the past, as well as exciting stuff coming up. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “ returns!

  1. Fulvio

    In the miniseries of Micronauts and Rom i will suggest you to use some of Characters of Micronauts magnemo toys : King Atlas , Green Baron or maybe also the Emperor as a new enemys of Micronauts . They can be refereed as other warlords that rise their power to take the post of Baron Karza

    • Thanks, that’s a good idea…can’t promise it will happen, at least in the near term, but I appreciate the suggestion and I will mention those characters to others at IDW as well.

  2. Fulvio

    I also suggest to create a New Force Commander , very like to the toy counterpart or the old Marvel Comic version , Baron Daigon wasn’t a good micronaut and have a short live (two issues). A very Force Commander is equal in skills like Baron Karza and must have the some powers .Other beings that maybe join the team is a Good Space Glider(male) .

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